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Landesvertretung Baden Wuerttemberg

Landesvertretung Baden-Württemberg

The Swabians and the Berliners have a very difficult relationship. the are like Yin & Yang, like hot & cold so one might wonder why so many Swabians come to berlin to live here. Especially to us Berliners it seems they bring what they were running of. They try to tidy and rule by the Law of the south german habits. Thinking of the Building of the Landesvertretung Baden Württemberg I would think of an old yellow building with lots of antique furniture. No it’s the opposite a very cool modern Building, as if they want to say – „ look we are not only old-fashion and conservatives“ … Let’s see.

Dietrich Emter Retrospective

Dietrich Emter Retrospective at Kronprinzenpalais

Today from 13:00- 17:00 is a retrospective for fashion designer Dietrich Emter at Kronprinzenpalais in Berlin. In summer 2014 the talented and very lovely Fashion Designer Dietrich Emter committed suicide, it seems that the struggle many creatives can’t cope with – the balance act between a free creative spirit and a responsible accountant, begging for money to create the amazing fashion he had in his head was too much.

p98a letterpress

letterpress love gallery p98a

@galeriep98a, @espiekermann #berlin #letterpress at postsdamer strasse 98a erik spiekermann and jan gassler have opened a new place for letterpress lovers in berlin – p98a. potsdamer strasse is usually the place where a lot of new and exciting things start at the moment, it’s close to the neue nationalgalerie and my beloved berliner philharmonie, and it now offers one more beautiful reason for a visit.

bibi mix

#berlin #food #koreanfood ok, korean food is nothing new in hipster mitte, there are more korean, thai, japanese, restaurants just in one area than in whole berlin. and one more trashy, glamourous, hip, whatever. today i found bibi mix. nice service, good food, quickly served, clean, close to the sbahn that’s it, all one need. i have no idea if it is authentic korean food, but than who knows, i just discovered in QI that chicken masala is a british invention, no indian in india ever ate that. tss tss. I am going to visit bibi mix again!

hans im glück

#berlin #burger a new burger place in town. after the coffee chain phenomena now a burger trend. this one has a really nice location. it is close to s-bhf friedrichstrasse. the burgers are really good, the service staff is super friendly, the prices are typically for that area €6-8 for a burger. so there are cheaper burgers but i am glad to find something nice in that area to go for food.