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ryoko berlin

Ryoko – Place for the Senses

Ryoko is the name of Ryoko Hori and also the name of a beautiful place in Neukölln, a place to fill the soul with peace and sents – and much more. As soon as you open the door, you smell a whole range of fine and discreet scents. Nothing smells aggressive of perfumes or incense sticks, it is rather an invitation for the senses to follow a new peaceful route. The store offers a wide range of beautiful ceramics, scents and skin care. Next, to the store and the online store, Ryoko offers massage therapy and facial treatments. She is a qualified, certified and experienced massage therapist now working in Berlin. She studied in Japan, Australia, and India including therapies ranging from Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Treatment, Ayurvedic Treatments, Seitai (Japanese Self-Healing Method), Reiki and many more. R Y O K O Connect with our senses Refine our mind Appreciate everyday life Her approach to healing is a holistic one. Body and soul, spirituality and sense, mind and intellect – there is no separation between one particular muscle and …

Macrame design by Dörthe Bundt from California Dreaming

California Dreaming – Macrame in Berlin

If you’d ask me to name just one single trend in interior, it would be succulents. They are everywhere. So the beautiful macrame designs by Dörthe Bundt from California Dreaming are what we need to show them. Bringing back traditional craft techniques is another big and beautiful trend in home and interior. I love the macrame hanger, they are an unusual and elegant way to show plants in interiors.