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Kitchen Livingroom Interior by Luca Lancini

Sommer Residence – Talk with Architect Luca Lancini

One of the most beautiful places I photographed last year was the apartment from Ulf Sommer. Luca Lancini designed the place new but if you ask him it was Ulf who did the design. Luca’s task was to find out how Ulf wants to live, what are his needs. Then to create exactly that place – and it worked out. Ulf feels at home at this place. Luca has a very special approach to create a place for a client. His work often leads to a relationship much closer than usual for an architect.


At home with Alexander Schulz

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes, 9 seconds. Contains 1031 words My friend Alexander Schulz has been at the top of my list of people I want to interview for far too long! You might have seen him here already. Alexander is a very talented and experienced set designer. In the german language, it is way more difficult to describe what he actually does for a living. Alexander is also a photographer, specialising in architectural pictures; find him here on flickr.

Elena Schmuschkowitsch Workspace

Style Is The Smile On Your Face – At Home With Elena

Elena is the owner of a beautiful fashion boutique in the now again trendy city west. But Romans was there all the time. It is one of those stores where you can find a selection of the best items from the best brands. So Elena is doing all the work for us. She is travelling through Paris etc. picking the desirable pieces for us.

Beautiful Interior in Cruiser Style

this post should have been called “at home with uncle mark”, instead of “beautiful interior in cruiser style”. it is quite strange that you get pictures of this apartment so late, because it is one of my all time favourite apartments in berlin. it was ridiculously difficult to photograph, because it is quite small. the really excellent thing about this flat is that mark used the flat as a kind of canvas to make the flat his space … not one’s space.

erik spiekermann

coffee & florentiner with erik spiekermann

I have no idea why I haven’t thought about photographing Erik Spiekermann’s new home before. When I asked him if I could photograph his and his wife’s home in berlin, his answer was: “yes, come this weekend”. so I packed the camera and visited Erik in their amazing new (not so new anymore but for me) home in Berlin. It was one of those easy going shootings, a warm welcome and a short guided tour, then he went back to work and left me going onto my journey with the words, let me know if you need something. During a break, I got an excellent cappuccino and some florentiner and we discussed our favourites when it comes to chocolate. We discovered, that we both like the Berlin chocolate manufacture Hamann but i prefer the very, very dark chocolate, erik more milky choc but with the bitterness of mokka. If you expected to see letterheads everywhere (i did) – no, some, but not everywhere but you notice his love for good and lasting design that has to have a function. No …

nikolas feireiss

#berlin #interior #trends #lifstyle a place like the home from nikolas feiress is usually not what you expect in the middle in berlin. and when i hear the word “lifestyle expert” i imagine one living at hansa viertel, in berlin mitte etc… but what i learned is … style is what you make of it nikolas feireiss is a writer, journalist and lifestyle expert, travelling through the world discovering new trends and aspects of fashion, interior and gardening. bringing these trends to us in articles as a speaker or on his online magazine | das magazin       NIKOLAS FEIREISS // ZEITGEIST KOMMUNIKATION // what is your profession? Writer, Lifestyle- Expert ||   where are you from? Berlin, born in Lome/Togo. Perhaps, because of that I can stand the heat.   you don’t live exactly in an urban environment, how come? Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances I now live in my former childhood home. now again in the house i used to live in as a child. It is now kind of …


#interior what i learned is that: a quiet and harmonic interior has nothing to do with designer chairs. I visited angelika for a photography job and all the stress and rushing  carried around for weeks, just disappeared. the rooms are filled with the personality of angelika and light. we had green tea and a talk, i did not expect to have with a stranger. thank you angelika for a most  interesting afternoon. the interview is in german Kann man die Planung einer Wohnungseinrichtung mit der Planung einer Landschaft vergleichen? Ich glaube, die Grundprinzipien der Gestaltung treffen für Innenräume ebenso wie für Außenräume zu, auch wenn dabei die Kriterien und Maßstäbe andere sind. So werden z.B. Kontrast oder Harmonie der Proportionen, Strukturen und Farben, verglichen mit der Ausstattung eines Zimmers, im “grünen Zimmer” durch ausgewählte Pflanzen und andere Materialien bestimmt – nur ist die Gestaltung der Landschaft, die lebt und sich verändert, viel komplexer.    Welche Jahreszeit ist ihnen in Berlin die liebste? Ich brauche den Wechsel der Jahreszeiten, in allen gibt es unvergleichlich schöne Abschnitte. …