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typografische notizen by alexander nagel

look where i got my hands on yesterday. typografische notizen by alexander nagel. a fine little book with some thoughts and notes about the rules of typography and proofreading, some very useful shortcuts and tipps as well. but most important some very diverting stories about dash, @, grid, paragraphs and other typo stuff. it is in german and you can read more about it here.


popup store books, shelfs and coffee

#books #shelf #coffee #berlin #temporary #store in berlin neukölln at friedelstr. 39 opened a new temporary store. all the best things: books, furniture, coffee. I saw a few great books about art, music, photography and life in general, but also fortune cookie gifts, note books and other lovely things we are all looking for so close to christmas. the store is also a showroom of the great shelf manufacture stocubo – oh, and have i mentioned you can have a coffee as well :-) it is open from the 2. november 2013 – 31. january 2014       View Larger Map

book & dvd pop up exchange

#book #share yesterday was another book party. thanks to everyone who joined us. great atmosphere, lot’s of new books and delicious cupcakes from carla. secretly you all come anyways only for the cakes ;-). i don’t blame you. i had more, i mean way more, brownies and cupcakes than i should, but i couldn’t resist. yum yum. we ended up having pizza and red wine with carla afterwards. so no food for 100 years now.   someone secretly “stole” a bit of the brownies from the kitchen   here a few snaps from what happened later ;-), pizza with carla the funniest thing is, everybody brings quite embarrassing books pretending “they are a gift, i haven’t read them”, there was even a “bridget jones diary”!!!!!