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5 Easy Swaps to Do in 2016

Bamboo Tothbrush

What is left from my idea 100 little things to change the world and my first 3 easy swaps? Actually, a lot. I haven’t turned in someone making my own shampoo, but I have changed my lifestyle quite a bit. I found a good way to describe it – is thoughtful.

Albeit, I want to change the world, I don’t want to move dirt.

I love indulging in beautiful things. Therefore, to succeed with my idea to change the world with easy steps, those steps not only must integrate really simple, but must add quality to my life.

Here are 5 super easy swaps for every day.

They not only help the environment but also save you some money and make your life more stylish. All in all, what might seem like an article about sustainability, is in real an article about lifestyle. A lifestyle of swapping commutability and cheap for style and value – as you will see below.

1. Toothbrush
2. Dishwashing Brush
3. Dr. Bronner Soap
4. Ditch Plastic Containers
5. Multiple socket or extension lead with an off switch


I used to use an electrical and also some plastic tooth brush, but swapped them lately for those made of bamboo. I bought mine from Ecobamboo here but found a very good selection at Manufactum as well. Neither the cheap colourful plastic brush nor the electrical one were a good experience. Visually and haptically. The bamboo tooth brush has an unbelievable pleasant look and feel. I tried brushing my teeth with coconut oil and a coconut oil baking soda mix (in my experience the baking soda isn’t necessary) and had fantastic results. I just didn’t like the greasy feeling and it was all so much effort and the coconut oil had never the right consistency. It was either too hard or just oil depending on the temperature. Do I have to mention I save quite some money with my new tooth brush ritual? And not one person visits my bathroom without asking me where i got my beautiful tooth brush.

Dishwashing Brush

All my life I used sponges to do the dish washing. I recently tried to make out how many I must have used in my life and couldn’t get a number. When recently I swapped the sponge for a wooden dishwashing brush I needed to get used to it, it felt very clumsy and unpractical. Now two weeks later I am sure I won’t get back. It so much better and the wooden brush gives my kitchen a hint of shaker style. I can’t describe it – almost honest.

I love that with every swap I get rid of the almost infantile colouring of our plastic culture.

Dr. Bronner’s Soap

My first contact with Dr. Bronner’s Soap was when I wrote the article called better cleaning – I did not know then that would become a very close relationship. Many of my friends now use the liquid Soap for body care, some even to wash their hair (didn’t turn out for me). I use it for almost everything! Body care or cleaning almost every Surface of my flat, it is absolutely amazing for getting rid of tea stains in the sink and cleaning an old enamel tub. So I swapped almost all cleaning products and many soap products for one single product. The Bottles are pretty, the product is absolutely trending right now, they smell ridiculously good and they last forever (again money saved as well).

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 20.51.28

Ditch Plastic Containers

Easy, so easy and luxurious. One after one plastic container went in the bin (and is still going, a few are left). And that is exactly the only problem I ever had with that. you can’t destroy them, they will exist even when I have long forgotten that I ever used them, they might survive me and the next generation. My first impulse was to give them away – but do I want to give away what I want to ditch and what I know is poisoning us with every use? At the moment, I use old glass jars ( not bought ones, reused ones from jam etc.) but I want to buy some. Unfortunately i fell in love with some quite expensive ones so I have to wait a bit. I have a big, very big soft spot for those from Wilhelm Wagenfeld Designer Vereinigte Lausitzer Glaswerke AG,

Extension lead with an off switch

Not only very, very easy, it saves a lot of money and helps organising cables. And with just one switch you turn off all connected devices, no sleeping mode real off. My favorite is this one here but every high-quality product will do. Why high quality? First you are buying a plastic product, let’s make sure at least it lasts, secondly they should be as safe as possible.

On summary – my life got more style, quality and I saved some money!