5 reasons to visit denmark’s west coast now

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ignore the headline, i am kidding, there are hundreds of reasons!

1# lets start with the most beautiful beaches i have seen

the north sea with it’s rough charme and sometimes huge tides is not for every one, if you love the turquoise crystal beauty of the mediterranean sea the north sea might not be what you are looking for. if like me, you love to play in the waves with a boogie board, do a bit of windsurfing, see some whales and sea lions, your heart stops for a second when you arrive the top of the dunes and you have a first glimpse of the day on one of the tousands of variations of blue and grey and green the north sea waves shimmer in,  than you are just right here.

note: please don’t take what belongs there and please don’t leave anything what doesn’t belong there.

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2# landscapes

the typical landscapes of jutland’s west coast, vast lagoons, shifting dunes carpeted with wild grass and heather, ensless beaches, extremely rich nature reserves and areas where trees have been planted to prevent sand drift and stabilise dunes.
dunes dk_dunes


3# smell, in this beautiful environment with it’s various landscapes and quickly changing weather conditions the air is filled with the smell of pines heated in the sun, rose hips, bush roses and salt from the ocean

rosehips pine bush rose

4# the nature in detail

lady bird attack butterfly DSC09199

5# the food

yeah it’s true the food. and i am not talking about pølser. denmark has a much underrated cuisine (like the uk) which does not only include some of the most delicious pastries but also smørrebrød, frikadeller, kogt torsk and great salads. it is quite difficult to find a restaurant at the west coast, if you are not looking for a burger restaurant, but if you make the effort you are going to find some places. henne kirkeby kro is one of the places in the danish tradition of a kro inns, or the norre vissing kro. (more about the kro’s here the webpage of the guardian). or the not so danish but by danish people as tourist as well very much loved farm cafe.

cake farmcafe farm cafe cake
note: i always have and always will recommend the farm cafe which i love very much, it is run by a german family making wonderful and delicious cakes (see pictures above and here) and the place, even being close to the street is lovely, there are some ginny pigs, rabbits and goats so the kids have fun. but because i recommend it so heavily for years and years now, i also have to inform you, that what once started as an insider tip is now far away from being an insider’s. the cafe became very, very successful in numbers of guests, may be too quick for the family. this year the tone was a bit rough and they where really stressed out ( and we are just at the beginning of the season) and one day they closed at five “because cake was all sold” but you couldn’t have a coffee or a drink instead. what might sound ok, for a city person is very disappointing if you take a long walk or have to go quite a distance by car to reach that place. if you want a table before five o’clock you have to go at least a quarter to 2pm and you will see that most tables are gone already than.