9 Things to Do, to Be a Better Human Being

This is another post about 100 little things to change the world, if you haven’t read my posts about it, better start here.

The following 9 points i find very hard to do, but realised they are also having a massive impact on our world. To change the world a smile can often do more than using organic soap, an honest word more than not using that one plastic bag.

better livingAlso one person might find it easier to avoid plastic bags and another to smile to strangers – as always, choose what’s is right for you and every little helps.


89. Don’t judge – i am not talking about that pinterest stuff „you don’t know the story behind the other person etc. bla bla“ i mean do not judge, because you don’t know what you are talking about. you just don’t know – otherwise you wouldn’t judge. if you have an opinion, you judge. if you have knowledge, you are interested.
90. Be honest  – i don’t mean rude, see above. be authentic, don’t pretend.
91. Stand up for human rights and equality (all, not only a group you are interested in)
92. Research before you share something, if in person or on facebook, twitter or other platforms
93. Don’t do chain letters
94. Respect (that includes, respect another opinion, way to live, to think etc.)
95. Smile. yes, I still believe a smile can change the world, at least make new friends
96. Reflect  yourself – I don’t mean that self doubt and self hate programm running anyways through your head, but question your decisions, and your behavior, your thoughts by changing your point of view
97. Love yourself and let others be
98. Give (love, money, time, smile, shelter, respect, apples, whatever it is you can provide …)


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  1. Jonathan Fischer

    Thank you for sharing this interesting and useful information.

    • Jonathan Fischer

      I will apply the lessons.??

  2. Dear Jonathan, I am glad you like it.

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