About Failure

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Depending on which business you are in a little mistake can change your life and the one from others. in may business cultures they tell you now about a failure culture etc. bla bla. i worked once for a big furniture retailer and they told me a lot about that, but they TEACHED me way more about it. anyways i can’t belive that a failure is really making more of your brain than achieving successful a goal/purpose … who knows, but interesting read again on the webpage from david lee.


People often talk about how failure is accepted and even celebrated in Silicon Valley. That it’s almost a badge of honor. I think about this a little differently. Personal failure can be debilitating. It’s like getting your heart broken for the first time. It’s someone telling you that you’re not good enough. It’s about feeling exposed or feeling a deep sense of loss, embarrassment or humiliation. If you read stories about how Steve Jobs or Jack Dorsey describe their “failures” or “defeats”, you get almost a visceral sense of what they experienced.