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adlon day spa – moving in


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the adlon is one of the most famous hotels in berlin. even if you are a berliner and don’t need a hotel, you might like to go and have a tea or a club sandwich, a glass of champagne in the lobby. I like to go in big international hotels sit in the lobby or bar and have a tea etc. watch the people and breath in the air from far countries and other cultures. if you walk across the hotel at the rear of the adlon is the entrance to my beloved china club, the uma restaurant and the adlon day spa. I had the wonderful possibility to enjoy a great treatment at this lovely and calming place.

In the moment the door closed behind me and i was in the entrance area of the day spa i forgot about my phone! me! i didn’t even switched it off, i just forgot about it. whatever you might say about eva-maria jagdfeld she has a great taste. these rooms have an atmosphere, which is so peaceful that it is an treatment itself sitting there having a green tea. there is no loud noise, but you don’t feel as if you have to whisper the acoustics are just great.

the treatment was sooo relaxing, the rooms for the treatment are not “treatment rooms”, they are your little cave, your oasis of ease and peace, I have had treatment as good as the one i had there, but never in such a wonderful place. the all over experience is the best i ever had so far. It was a bit funny in the beginning all the handling with the towels etc. to make sure not a tiny bit of your boobs or buttom is seen or touched but i think that is because of their mainly international guests. It was hard to leave and I am looking forward to my next visit.

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