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After Work Garden Aperitivo

anna lea

my friend nikolas just produced a few 1 minute trailers for his online lifestyle magazin and we had a beautiful after work garden aperitivo. the first outdoor “party” for me, this summer. just me, anna lea and nikolas – and delicious italian snacks.

Prendiamo un aperitivo

aperitivo is not to be compared with happy hour, nothing is cheap or half price. when an italian says – prendiamo un aperitivo he is talking about the time after work before dinner (which is typically late in italy). a time to relax, enjoy the evening sun, some little snacks and a prosecco or martini with friends often in a bar, but at a private home as well. nikolas likes the tradition of an italian aperitivo very much. the typical aperitivo includes servings of

– green and black olives
– potato chips
– caprese salad with tomatoes, basil and mozzarella
– a variation of italian sandwich meat, like salami, prosciutto, mortadella or bresaola
– italian cheese like parmigiano, grana padano, provolone, ricotta, taleggio
– grilled vegetables like eggplant and zucchini
and of course either prosecco, aperol, campari or an al bitero as served at cafe savigny and my favorite summer drink (check it here)

as you can see below, nikolas made some effort to be as authentic as possible. it was marvellous and a great fun. anna lea bathed in the evening sun looking just gorgeous and we all were very laid-back, while ambient music and the smell of the first blossoms filled the evening garden.

nikolas feireiss gelb, schwarz und weiss tulips tulips early summer garden italian style aperitivo italian style aperitivo italian style aperitivo anna lea green and black olives anna lea anna lea