Alexander Hauff Portrait Photographs

I am always pleased when I get booked to do the headshots for someone and get booked again and again because the person loves my pictures.

German actor Alexander Hauff booked me the 3rd time in a row to make his yearly Headshots, pictures for his agency, webpage and PR.

As you can see, we had a lot of fun.

Alexander Hauff



I am an Interior & People Photographer based in Berlin, London and Lugano. Basically, I just love creating cool stuff and calling it “work” and even better getting paid for it. I love being on the move, travelling through real world and dreams, browsing the web, and the streets.

2 comments on “Alexander Hauff Portrait Photographs

  1. To me Alexander exhibited his best acting as ‘Fritz’ in ‘Die Vier aus der Zwischenzeit’ many years ago. It was a mini series in his early rookie days with some of his fellow students. He played his character as an incredibly funny, subversive, spontaneous and hilariously hyperactive kind of chaotic Berliner. Hope he’ll return with his mates to the Alt-Moabit flat one day!

    • Hi Alex, yes, it’s one of my favorite series with him as well. I love almost everything he ever played but this was a special series in special times.

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