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andrew greatrix

andrew greatrix


I got one! now I am the proud owner of an original andrew greatrix painting.

Once he posted a picture on facebook saying:

And here’s one just to use up the paint on the pallet

I was absolutely stunned, that is what happens when andrew just uses up the pallet … I love all his paintings, they are mainly seaside paintings but they are beautiful not this sweet and decorative stuff. they are breathtaking, the waves are moving forward, the ships and boats are about to sail, you can feel the wind.

One day we were invited for dinner and had a delicious lemon chicken on his lovely boat and at one point he left the room and came back with “my” painting and gave it to me. just like that … you can’t imagine how i felt, and i am pretty sure my face had a strange expression, i was soo surprised! So and now an english wave from mr. greatrix is at a wall in a berlin flat making it’s owner happy everyday!

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.06.41 PM

andrew greatrix

sorry about the bad quality of the photograph// mobile phone shot