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pallet bed

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have you ever arrived at a place and just breathed out in relief? the sigh of “here i can feel good”?
the flat from anna & christian is one of these places. full of light, a friendly place – if a place itself can be friendly, than it is their flat. just as i like it, lot’s of old furniture combined in the most creative way with modern and even ikea furnitures and diy. the furniture follows the needs of the family, and are not a statement.


I am in love with this children’s chair, it is in the family for generations now.

childrens chair sideboard

the kitchen is the definitely heart of the flat, full of light and colours, a place for living, eating, cooking and working obviously


wonderful black and white photography by birte zellentin

photography entrance area organising things work space origami

I tell you what the probelm is with this sleeping room, you would never ever get me out of bed again!

pallet bed dia projectorlivingroom guitars flower livingroom


where were you born?
in hamburg and mainz

is berlin the place to be? and why?
for now: absolutely yes.
it is the perfect place to raise kids (affordable schools and kindergardens) and still work or study fulltime.
you have the chance to find affordable flats, even when you´re looking for enough space to raise three children.
and its possible – at the age of 35 – to go out in a club, without feeling like a grandma or a grandpa.

do you think that “the ordinary people” still have an influence in politics?
c: people are starting to redefine their way to take action in public life and politics.
i think people will gain more and more influence in politics in the upcoming decades.

A: it depends on where you look at: The more the EU gets in charge, the less we have the feeling to decide anything, because the line of legitimation is becoming longer.
When you look at the  possibilities the internet brings, you see, that the people become more powerful. Its easier to pronounce opinions via internet. Sometimes institutions (or governments) even reconsider their actions because of that …

what means home to you?
C: for me it used to be attached to a certain place, the place where i was raised.
but that changed.
home is, wherever the family comes together, no matter where that is. there is no longer a certain locality for what i call home.

A: Home is wherever Christian and the kids are. My mother used to move to another place almost every other year, so that I had to learn not to call places home, but being with certain people.

where does your inspiration come from?
you can get a huge amount of inspiration from wherever people are acting with high commitment, passion and devotedness to what they are doing.

how does having a family influence your way to work?
Kids slow down your life. I always enjoyed the mixture of studying/working and having children.
We learned to focus and to jump into things and just do them, because as a parent you usually dont have the time to hang around and think about this and that and then reconsider, what you were tinking and then make a whole different plan and … it was – and still is – a lot of trial and error!

what else would you like to do (if not what you do right now:-))
A: I´d like to be a doctor or have my own bookstore. or travel around and be a billionaire
C: I´d like to have my own restaurant


yep, i managed again to get myself into the picture :-) It’s known as the alfred hitchcock syndrome