aquarium berlin jellyfish

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another great day with my nephew. we went to the aqurium next to the berlin zoological garden. i love the aquarium, but don#t get tired to mention it is absolutely too expensive (adult 13,50 and children 6,50) all museums and zoological gardens etc. should be free! it is education so it should be supported by the government (instead of war, weapons, their own huge pensions etc.) that is where the tax money should be invested. ok, after that little rant, shall we go ahead?

it is amazing what lives in the deep ocean, and watching all this different animals makes me respect nature even more, every of this creature is stunning, and amazingly good “build” to fit in it’s special environment.

my nephew was very interested in the frogs and scorpions, i had a soft spot for the jellyfishes and spiders, but we both were most impressed by the ants! how the live in their communities, transport things many times as big and heavy as themselves … wow!

aquarium berlin

aquarium berlin jellyfish

jellyfish’s do look so mystically, aren’t they?

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not sure if you can see it, but there is an ant carrying a leaf at least three times as big as the ant itself. and oops they behave quite civilized, even that it there so much traffic ;-)

aquarium berlin  ants