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At Home with Nina

grey sofa with black and white art

The rooms that people live in tell us much more about them than one might think. Not only the „public rooms“ we create to be on display but the little rooms like our bathroom, the corners where our hidden inner places peep out. Everybody I’ve ever visited has these little secret places where you see the inner personality, the sensitive self.

Nina’s flat is a great example. The flat functions as a mirror of her personality.At first glance, it appears structured, restrained, open minded, intelligent with a dash of arty elegance.

Modern pieces mixed with design classics and some antique furniture help to establish a light and open space. The way Nina has organised the rooms adds to the feeling that an intelligent and clear thinking person lives there. Her workspace is clearly separated from the other rooms, but the big, open doors show that her work is more to her than something she does from nine to five. In contrast to the living room, the bedroom is a small quiet room, with a warm, feminine and calm atmosphere.

In the corners, however, there are signs and details of the other Nina – humorous, very sensitive, feminine, playful.

Nina works as a „Provenienzforscherin“ and an art historian for a notable international auction house. I didn’t know what a Provenienzforscherin does and still don’t know the correct English term. But it turned out Nina makes sure that no Art appropriated by the Nazis goes into an auction or the catalogue. Her work involves a lot of patient research and she usually discovers the heartbreaking stories behind the pieces.

Nina with ArtListen to the interesting Interview below to find out more about her and her work.

black and white, art and candles        livingroomlamp

modern and antique black and white interior Livingroom black and white interior with wood

just in case - feuerlöscher

NIna at workSleepingroom with books golden frames and one mirror kitchen interior paper fold and shaker boxes