Author: Jordana

Minimale Differenzen –Jochum Rodgers

Minimale Differenzen – Current Exhibition at Jochum Rodgers Galerie

Beautiful furniture and art in enough room to breathe. Jochum Rodgers presents regularly furniture to dream of and has the talent and knowledge to present them in a way that the white room around them adds to their design, almost building the frame. The current exhibition „Minimale Differenzen“ is no exception to that. (See other posts from me about the gallery here and here).

Livorno a Port City in Tuscany

Livorno is a port city on the west coast of Tuscany in Italy. It’s also the City I lost my heart to in Tuscany. Port Cities have always their own charm – Livorno is no exception. Bleached out, left, almost morbid. Of course, it depends on the season. I am sure it’s buzzing with tourists in summer, seemingly yet another cheap Italian spot at the coast of the Ligurian sea.