Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

berlin neue kantstrasse


#berlin #sunlight

if you say “neue kantstrasse” to someone  in hipster berlin mitte, he might get goosebumps by being scared. but as my reader you are different, you see the beauty …. :-) it was a lovely sunny day. i made some great pictures from the flat of my friend miriam (coming soon here, so stay tuned and excited) and had a walk in the sunshine with jonathan.



7 comments on “berlin neue kantstrasse

  1. this house always fascinates me too.

    i am afraid of a hipster invasion. berlin west got into the focus a lot since c/o berlin moved to amerika haus.
    hipsters, stay away!


    x j.

  2. yeah i am a bit worrying what will happen to that house? … the hipsters will stay in a small area bikini haus, c/o berlin, caras coffee chain etc… when they try to enter the borders around kantstrasse we will await them :-)

  3. we will await them and we will be armed :-)


    one of my favorite empty spaces – Let`s go there before others do it!

  5. I always liked this building… do you know something about it? Why is it empty, it is so beautyful?

    • Hi Robin,

      i love that building as well. I have no idea why it is still empty, i know it is protected and they do some work in the shops … so let’s hope for the future.

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