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this is part 3 of a series of baby steps we all can do to change the world, it starts here.
if you want to change the world and live healthier, body care is a really good starting point. at first you might get shocked what actually is in the products you use and if you add all the ingredients you use during a day what you put on and into your body.

better livingi sacrified myself for you. i really did. I only wanted to recommend things i was sure they worked at least for me. i totally underestimated the amount of time that was needed and how much cosmetic and body care products are already part of my life / culture and how much I would miss the easy kick a new nice body lotion could give me, indulging myself with a exquisite facial cream etc. how many lipsticks I bought and never used.

although this post is mainly about “cosmetics” doesn’t mean there is nothing for you guys. think about your soap, shower gel, hair shampoo, after shave xyz, deodorant, what ever. if you have problems with ingrown hairs and smelly feet i have found some ideas for you. I made this post a two-part one. First part is about what to skip and second one some recipes and tips.

ok, so what is the deal here? no cosmetics anymore? are you already scared? i promise there is something you can do and it will not hurt! you will find the one little step you can do, and one will do make a massive change! as always you don’t have to do them all, just pick the one you think you can deal with easily.just one tiny step can make such an effort, especially if you share it with your friends and them with theirs and etc.

find below the main bullet points for your world changing super healthy beauty routine:

39. reduce the amount of products you use in general (why not stop reading here, get up, put ALL, really all body care products you use on a table and make a picture? you could post it in the comment section or send me an email)
40. avoid ingredients you can’t eat (no silicone, parabene, mineral oil, natural identical perfumes etc.)
41. don’t buy products with ingredients you can’t pronounce fluently
42. find products with as less ingredients as possible
43. use organic products whenever possible
44. go and have a tea with your grandma (not that difficult, isn’t it)
45. buy a good quality hairbrush or combs. (one comb and one or two brushes are enough and if you buy good ones and take care about them, than they last forever)
46. avoid stress
47. be happy
48. don’t buy products with anti-aging promise
49. buy a huge sun hat
50. buy one pair of good quality Sun Glasses (big ones!)
51. eat healthy food
52. make love

ha, not as difficult as you thought, right? and it goes even better, below you will find some further points and tips which help you to skip your conventional beauty routine and replace by some new ideas.

here are some recommended ingredients for body care:
aloe vera gel
olive oil (replace with oil of your choice: almond oil, coconut oil ….)
apple cider vinegar
hot water
cold water
coco milk
etheric oils
(baby powder / dr.hauschka seidenpuder / Luvos heilerde)


tips & recipes

ok, so you want to give it a try, at least one tiny baby step. than go ahead, choose one thing of your cosmetic you could imagine to skip. if you can’t skip at all, at least change to organic products. I like the products from dr. hauschka or (a bit cheaper) weleda. but many other organics will do. it still will be a challenge sometimes. if you are used in having a foamy bath you might miss the bubbles with an organic oil bath, make up without silicone ist just not that smooth and smeary, the colour range is not as wide, organic body lotion will not add the artificial glow to your body or make it as smooth like non-organic ones. because they don’t use softener. some of the softeners used in body lotions are used to make plastic bags soft as well.

there is one thing where I can’t recommend anything organic (but still better than normal products) and that is shampoo. even organic shampoos use often lauryl sulfate or something similar.

53. “skipping” shampoo
during my research I was surprised to find out, that there is a whole movement called “no poo“, some wash their hair with baking soda, some don’t wash their hair at all. some only use water or castile soap. they all complain about an adjustment phase. I didn’t wanted to put baking soda on my hair (I think it’s quite harsh), and think that the water in berlin is too hard for castile soap. and no washing at all is just too much for my posh self. so I went on to try another plan: dilution!

I can tell you after 3 month my hair looked gorgeous and i was down to the use of shampoo only every 3 weeks and only a very little amount of shampoo (size of a pea).

how does it work and what are the effects:
I have wavy, middle / dark blond hair which used to be very frizzy, especially when it was humid. I tried tons of products to help me with the frizziness no chance at all. if you want to have a try, there are a few things you should know. if your hair is as wavy as mine, what your hair misses most if you reduce the shampooing and don’t use silicone and other softener, is softness. My problem in the beginning wasn’t greasiness, it was dry hair. the hair is still the same you treated badly the last 1-10 years, depending on the length. so if your hair is 20 cm long it was treated by chemicals for at least two years (imagine how much shampoo this tiny bit of ceratine/hair had to deal with).

after 3 month with this experiment I loved my hair. they were hardly frizzy anymore, but wavy in a good way, not the usual untidy, curly, frizzy something. the look and feel was more compact then ever and I didn’t had to do anything with them, no blow drying, etc. i let them air dry, I haven’t done this since I was 12! they actually looked the best on day 5-7.

how to shampoo:
Just put a small amount of an organic shampoo in a little bottle, fill with water and half a tablespoon of aloe vera than really, really wet your hair and massage mixture in. it’s hardly any foamy, you get used to it. after clearing with lots of water use a vinegar water conditioner. leave in for 2-3 minutes rinse out, do the last rinse cold, I mean really cold, as cold as you can stand it, and don’t be pussy.

but! yes, there is a but. I am back to washing once a week but with very few  (half of an tea spoon) of an organic shampoo (rahua) and apple cider conditioner and cold water. mainly because i missed the easiness of a quick wash when i felt moody or if i had a sudden appointment, i missed spoiling myself by washing my hair. it became a “thing” not washing my hair. so even that i got great results, i missed the psychological treatment of washing my hair. i till use the vinegar conditioner and the cold rinse at the end, that is just too good to give up. the vinegar and the cold rinse have such a good effect on my hair and the skin, it is amazing and i don’t understand why i ever spent a penny on conditioner (you have to get used on the smell in the beginning, though)

shampoo & conditioner
half a peeled lemon (cleaning) and half a small cucumber (conditioning) mixed in your blender, massaged in your hair and rinsed off (i added a teaspoon aloe vera as well), especially in summer great treatment and it actually works as a shampoo

or this recipe i got from a friend:
one cup freshly brewed green tea (you could replace that with camoille tea for blond hair, sage for dark hair)
up to one table spoon dr. bronner castile soap
a few drops up to half a teaspoon olive or almond oil
half a teaspoon honey
add a few drops of tea tree or lavender oil if you wish
mix well and fill in an old shampoo bottle

shampoo in-between / refresher / dry shampoo
either  massage some aloe gel in your scalp, best in the evening, before you go to sleep
or if you have an appointment and a bit greasy or dull hair use some babypowder. powder your brush with it and brush than the hairs, start with small amounts, the “whiteness” goes away after a few minutes. i prefer dr.hauschka seidenpuder instead of baby powder, my friend nane-liliane recommends luvos heilerde for darker hair

apple cider water conditioner, fill an bottle with 1/3 vinegar and the rest water, work as a natural detangler as well
or rinse with camomile tea for blond hair, gives extra shiny blond

54. “skipping” bodylotion
that is somehow easy. just replace through olive oil (Almond Oil, coconut Oil etc) . there are different ways to do that.
a) massaging an amount of olive (almond, avocado, etc.oil) after having a bath or shower in your still wet skin and pat carefully dry. you might want to add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice and use any oil you like. do a bit of try and error here.

b) put a small amount of oil in your bath, the best way to do that is to put the oil under the tap while the hot water is going into the bath so the water jet diffuses the oil in lot’s of small drops in the tub, this works actually amazingly with weleda arnica oil

c) use the salt peeling my grandma used to use. put some sea salt, olive oil and if you wish a few drops, lemon juice, or essential oil in a bowl or jar and carefully rub your body with that mix. start with the feet and go towards the heart. than have a lukewarm shower and pat dry. you never ever had skin  as soft as that before! be careful and try an area first. if you have very sensitive skin you might react with red skin and it really gives the blood pressure a push

d) grapefruit or blood orange peeling – in a blender, blend grapefruit or orange with a cup sea salt or sugar (the sugar is softer, especially for sensitive skin and most women prefer sugar in peelings than salt, give both a try to find out which works better for you) add water till it’s smooth and rub softly, be gentle, into your damp skin leave on for a moment and rinse off, moisturise your skin with a good oil.

e) if oil doesn’t work for you, or you prefer lotion, here is a recipe: 1 cup oil (of your choice, blend is ok as well), table spoon of cocoa oil, 1-2 tea spoon rosewater, 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel, 1/4 teaspoon vitamin c powder – blend well, store in fridge, use quickly (my friend ann-marie uses green tea instead of rose water now, but that is her original recipe).

“skipping” handcream
same as skipping body lotion
cleaning your hands after let’s say repairing your bike – the oil salt peeling is perfect!

55. “skipping” nail care products
the peeling again, it is very helpful to get soft skin, especially your cuticles
after making a salad use the two half of the lemon you squeezed for your dressing and put your nails as deep as possible in the lemon halfs and leave them in for a while, that softens the cuticles, bleaches the nails and the skin a bit
massage coconut oil in the nails and cuticles

56. “skipping” toothpaste
i have to tell you that we don’t need toothpaste at all. but i like brushing my teeth with a flavour etc.
way more important is flossing (read my post here), brushing can be made without paste and is as effective as it is with toothpaste. but as said i like tooth brush, but luckily use anyways since ages weleda sole toothpaste without any foam builder etc.
some people suggest cocnut oil and baking soda, if you do some research, i am sure you will find some recipes, please feel free t post them in the comments area

57. “skipping” deodorant
funnily here i get more shocked faces than i do when i admit i skip washing my hair. i don’t use a deodorant, actually i never did. and most of my friends don’t do so i was wondering why some people got so shocked about it. it is very easy. just stop using a deodorant. after a few weeks you body stops sweating so much and definitely don’t smell anymore. If you really are one of the very rare person who does sweat overly i have a few tips as well, these tips help as well in the adjustment phase.

a) lemon bath
slice 1-2 lemons in thin slices and put them in 1 litre of boiling water, simmer for 3 minutes and than put the water AND the lemon slices in your warm bath. check if water is not too hot and have a 15 minute bath, dry carefully.

b) wash your armpits or feet with apple vinegar water mixture (1:10) add a few drops of lavender if you want

c) make a mixture of coconut oil and lavender oil and cream your armpits with that

d) shave your armpits (i am not having a shave or not discussion here, but it helps if you have problems with sweating)

c) drink salvia tea (be careful with that and don’t over do it!, sweating is important for our body)

the tips above help with smelly feet as well, you could further powder your feet with baby powder. i guess if you suffer from smelly feet i don’t have to mention basics as only cotton and wool socks, no synthetics, change your socks every day, make sure that you don’t have hard old skin on your feet. having a regular pedicure is very importnat especially if you suffer from sweaty feet.

58. skipping products for ingrown hair
if you are a man and having problems with that the lemon bath will bring amazingly results
if you are getting ingrown hairs from waxing, than you might already know you have to use a loofa to peel the skin which wants to close over the waxed hair to avoid spots etc. and a loofa rub makes your skin very soft anyways and they are so cheap, but be careful not to peel or rub if there is any inflammation
you can try one of the salt or sugar peelings as well, but i got better results with the loofa

59. skip products for acne
the dr. hauschka series including the skin oils seems to help very well, oil anyways seemed to be better than alcohol. a friend of mine uses the weleda arnica oil and massages this softly in the wet facial skin.
heilerde and dead sea masques seem to have quite a good effect, but to be honest I have not much experience with acne. I know it is a very embarrassing and painful skin problem and there are many, many theories and people often get blamed for being not clean or eating wrong. but that is all not true. so please, don’t give up.

60. solution for puffiness and bags under the eyes
freeze green tea or black tea and wrap them in mussel in or something and pad them softly over the puffs or put some musslin in cold tea and put it on puffs

61. skipping anti-aging products
the best anti-aging solution is avoiding too much sun and a big, big hat and huge sun glasses and enjoying every second of your life.

62. sos help with frizzy hair
put a tiny, tiny bit of cocnut oil between your palms and softly stroke over your hair

oh, i could get on and on … but think that is more than enough. just choose one, and even if it is having a regualr tea with your granny it might change the world a tiny bit in a better way.

I just created a board on Pinterest to collect tips and recipes, if you want to follow, add or join etc. let me know.


want to know more, start with this video by the story of stuff about cosmetics




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  1. Juliane

    Wow, soviele gute Tipps. ich habe deinen Artikel auf Pinterest gefunden und werde bestimmt ein paar Sachen ausprobieren. Ist doch toll, wenn Schönsein auch noch der Umwelt hilft ;-)

    Übrigens verwende ich Kokosnussöl auch zum Oil Pulling. es hilft auch grossartig bei Pickeln und Fussnagelpilz, also eigentlich bei allem.

    Am schönsten fand ich deinen Tipp mal mit Oma Tee zu trinken, da könnten wir alle viel lernen und es würde dem Sozial Verhalten bestimmt auch helfen.

    Auf das Deodorant verzichten trau ich mich ehrlich nicht, werde aber auf jeden Fall Shampoo verdünnen, Essig Spülung und Salz Peeling ausprobieren.

    vielen Dank für all deine Tipps,

    • Hi Juliane, schön das dir die Tipps gefallen. Das mit dem Oil Pulling haben mir schon viele erzählt … da trau ich mich noch nicht ran.
      Viele Grüße,

  2. My girlfriend don’t like the smell of coco nut, so we use olive oil, but we both tried almost all your tips jordy, I am not sure what the apple cider vinegar is supposed to do with MY hair, but we will see.

    • Hi Finn, olive oile will do it as well, I am sure, pls. send my love to Nane-Liliane,
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  3. … a pst from my friend stephanie on her blog. recipe for a deodorant with cocnut oil

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