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better livingok, here we go, the next part of my list 100 small things to change the world. this time it is about cleaning. if you don’t know about my 100list or you are new here, why not start here: 100 things to change the world or here: three easy steps to help our environment

and as always, there are lot’s of things, just choose one and you already do good, do better by sharing this post series to make sure that you are not alone. think about it, if you and one friend not buy any coffee in cups to g,o that is about 600 cups a year – makes a difference!

ok, let’s start straight away:

63. don’t use a cleaner you can’t eat – sorry, kidding.
…. but not really! since i started this series, there are only a few things left used by me to clean my flat:
1. dr. bronners soap – for everything, i mean actually everything kitchen, bath, wood, plastic, ….
2. an organic vinegar cleaner – bath, toilet, hard water stain removal, window cleaning
3. olive oil – candle stain removing
4. washing-up liquid – washing up the dishes
5. cleaning tablets for teeth (no not for my teeth) – but for cleaning pots and reusable bottles from time to time. a package with 20 tablest last about 2 years
6. ox-gall soap for tenacious stains (me and my passion for red wine, chocolate and blueberries)
7. laundry powder ( I am working on that)
8. water softener – reduces amount of washing powder and helps the washing machine to survive a day longer

imagine how much money i saved!

64. replace your many cleaning products with just a very few. give dr. bronner soap a try or if you are in germany beeta unversalreiniger is even better!
65. fill your dish washer completely – (I don’t believe i have to say that but by experience i have to, no not having enough plates is NOT an excuse, if you need one do some hand work, you will survive)

66. same with your washing machine don’t use before you do not have enough dirty laundry.

67. energy saving mode is enough for all stains
68. hang your clothes after wearing in the evening till next morning, so they get some fresh air, you don’t have to wash every jeans or sweater after every wearing
69. do you know that the best tip to get rid of bad smells from wool is to hang them dry over your warm not hot heater? better than washing
70. now i have to use capitals: DO NOT USE SOFTENER!!!! skip every of these tips, but do not use softener or so called laundry refresher or dryer sheets. the chemicals in that stuff is not only absolutely unnecessary, but it is chemicals you would never, i mean never put on your skin if i told you, but you do because some adverts tell you you have to to make your family happy, be a better woman or whatever. so they contain horrible chemicals, but they do others, they make it more difficult for your laundry powder to remove stains and dirt. so you need more laundry powder (much more), if you really need a reason to ditch dryer sheets than you get a long one from mike adams. and here an article about softeners, now you might understand why i am fighting for a softener free world.

If you use fabric softener, these toxic chemicals coat your towels, sheets and clothing so that you absorb toxins through your skin, the largest organ of the body. When you wear chemically “softened” clothes, you inhale these chemicals with every breath. Even if you do not use fabric softener, you can ingest these chemicals through dryer exhaust sending them into the air or simply by working with someone whose clothes have been chemically treated in this way. Fabric softeners are designed to remain in fabric for a long period of time, slowly releasing into the air. Learn more:

71.  dry your clothes on a line – and you don’t need a dryer sheet at all and you save energy!

72. use lavender or cedar wood sackets for your wardrobe – for a nice smell, but mainly to avoid moths

73. don’t use poison in your fight against clothes moths -wash your winter clothes and wrap them in newspaper. moths don’t like the ink

74. kitchen / food moths – actually a very clear sign you buy too much food and store it too long (if it is not one lonely, single moth)

75. do not use room / air freshener – open your windows, all – not only helps it in winter time to get the flat easier warm and reduce the heating coast, but it also helps to get rid of unappealing smells and germs. so you don’t have to buy a spray, just open the windows, and yes even in new york city, can’t be more unhealthy than breathing in that chemicals. 15 minutes every day, all windows open will do.
if you really think you need something to refresh the air in your rooms (you are a reader of my blog, I can’t imagine you use these horrible smelling chemical stuff, but just in case you know someone) you put either 1-3 drops of an etheric oil on a piece of toilet paper before hovering or very, very few pearls of your laundry powder that one is an absolute winner for nice and quick refreshed rooms.

76. don’t use disposable cleaning cloths – that’s easy, isn’t it? just buy a microfiber cloth, use an old tshirt whatever. come on this one you could do and it saves you loads of money!

77. salt and snow stains from leather shoes? – easy peasy: mix one cup of water and one tablespoon of white vinegar. Soak a cotton ball with the mixture and wipe it over the stains. the acetic acid in the vinegar will dissolve the salt deposits without damaging the shoe. this works on leather and suede. allow the shoes to air dry and repeat if necessary.

78. use shoe trees they make shoes last longer and help to avoid wrinkles in the leather

79. having a laundry room for sharing in a house like some in south germany have, would be great!

80. do not use bleach! basta! if you have any doubts or think you have to for this and that reason, read here no.4, but the reading might shock you, so be prepared

there are some really easy steps, aren’t there? not as hard as you thought? find friends and share this article or your thoughts two people not using dryer sheets or softener are better than one, and three are amazing!

if you have any further tips, please leave a comment i would love to get even more ideas.

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