better living

better living

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a while ago I asked my friends on facebook, what can we do to change the world? these little things we all could do in our every day life? a bit like this post i did a while ago

the answer: sign petitions.
that’s all? can’t be true!

i thought, the question might be asked too generally. soI had to find out what does it mean to me – make the world better? wasn’t as easy as you might think. in the end for me, and it might be different for you, it is about sustainability, health, quality of life, equal rights, diversity, culture, relationships, freedom, education for all.

So I wrote an email to some more friends with the same question, the answers:
buy local, sign petitions, become vegetarian ….

better livingone of my friends suggested to make the list smaller. 100 are quite a bit. but I wanted it to be 100! why? because I want to make sure that everyone can find little things one can do in ones every day life. someone who can’t stop having a burger from time to time, but would swap a bank account easily. someone else might not want to make the effort of buying local food all day but might become more aware of chemicals in cosmetics, etc.

and I made it, there we go, a list with 100 little things. some are obvious some might be new for you. choose the ones you could easily integrate in your life. you don’t have to do them all, just a few can do a lot. if you have any suggestions, or miss something please don’t hesitate to make a comment below.

I made this list a post in 10 parts, not every part hast 10 points, some have 3 and some 20. in the beginning i tried to categorise them and that is how i wrote the whole thing, but i very quickly realised, you can’t really separate them. if you really realise how much influence some of these little steps have, you get almost addicted to them, you feel you get the power back and you can influence the world.

if you stop buying things which are produced under ridiculous and cruel circumstances, than you stop that these circumstances make a profit, and than you stop the political influence from these companies, you are going to have an impact, yes, YOU! and if your friends follow you, that impact grows, so we can change the world. So please do me the favor and share this post, make sure your friends know about it. so we will be a few, than many and than we change the world

  1. food
    2. travel & transportation
  2. cosmetics
  3. cleaning (and also here)
  4. energy
    6. ethics
  5. culture / entertainment (here & here)
  6. finances & politics


please be aware, I am not a doctor or a scientist, all the things i mention in these blogposts are just a collection i found in books or the internet, and some i did try on myself. if you have problems with health, finances or otherwise i am sure you know you should visit a specialist and not a blog in the internet.
…take personal responsibility!