Better Moving

Do you remember my series with the list of 100 small things to change the world? I haven’t forgotten about. I was distracted and i did some research, both needed some time. writing that list changed so much in my life. i had to consider almost everything i do, realising, there are things i wouldn’t touch and others i give up too easily to make my self feel very good.

today i write about travel & transportation, as always some things you definitely know already – i am not reinventing the wheel, choose the little things you can do, one or all, that is up to you. and don’t forget to share and to inspire your friends to join.

as a kind of a nomad, I love and always did love traveling being on the move, not being settled. so traveling is a bit of a hot topic. we all know taking a plane for a trip somewhere is not what helps the environment. there a lots of articles, posts and tools for that. so there is lot’s of good advice already out there.

please always remember you don’t have to give up traveling, you don’t have to make all points … pick the ones they are easy for you and start with them, if you can add a few after a while its good, if not you still do at least something!
here are a few points I think they could do:

81. footprint – check your footprint and adjust – learn!
82. less short trips with a plane, why not longer trips through a country by train?
83. if you go from Berlin to Munich via plane including the time you have to be there before, waiting, check in etc…the endless queuing … you might need 3h at all, with a train it’s about 6h. but in these 6 hours you could have a relaxed time instead of queuing, waiting, queuing, waiting, queuing, sitting like a sardine, queuing…. I like to make trips in other cities by train
84. travel for business? really? I think Skype could do very often I hardly ever had a business trip which I couldn’t have made way better by Skype (skype or one of these tools)
85. reduce your luggage, that’s easy isn’t it? come on this one you could do. check the weather forecast so you are prepared
86. take your bike (i would say, it helps your health as well, but i live in berlin, so cycling isn’t very healthy but dangerous), or public transport as often as possible. you have to go by car? take someone with you.
87. walk – nothing pushs creativity as far as a good walk and walking reduces stress.
88. plan ahead. if you plan your day, your journey well, very often you don#t have to travel with so many stops
=> reduce: effort, stops, devices, luggage