books & cakes


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i love books and think they are more important and loved than ever. who says print is dead just missed the trend! there is nothing like having a real book in your hand. i do have an ipad and i have the one or other book on it (which i never read). it is just not the same, … the look & feel, the use, the simplicity…and if you love typography, how can you live with an ebook? you can even choose your own font (out of 5-7 …), you think that is an adavantage of ebooks? ah come on … you really think that? compare a lovely layoutet book, even a paperback with that ebook crap layout. be honest, is it the same? this space her the break there the header in the different maybe playful font, the marginal note in italic (real italic) … but they are expensive! no they are not cheaper as an ebook, the ebooks you just can’t share with your friends you selfish bastard. imagine that you pay the money and you still don#t own it, can’t give it away …lend it to a friend etc. so because of that (the price i mean) i have the problem that i always run out of books and so i decided to swap them with my friends. not just swapping. I invited them to a book & cake party. It also gave a great excuse to ask carla gröppel-wegner to bake. I think being honest i just made the event to ask her for the cakes ;-). I mean there were beet root -apple cupacakes, new york cheesecake and grapefruit oliveoil cupcakes. yum yum!!!!

carla was so kind to post the recipe of the cupcakes on her blog.and just to make sure you know what you missed, here are some pictures.
through away your ebook reader, catch up with some friends!beet root cupcake new york cheesecake cupcake booksandcakes_cupcakes booksandcakes_guests4 booksandcakes_beetroot_apple_cupcake booksandcakes_guests2 booksandcakes_guests2 booksandcakes_guests2 booksandcakes_cupcakes booksandcakes_guests booksandcakes_books booksandcakes_carla bookandcakes_shelf