breathe berlin perfume

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rahua shampoo at breathe cosmetic store in berlin

want to know where to find exclusive perfumes and cosmetics in berlin? it’s breathe. this beautiful perfume store in berlin offers a high class range of wonderful perfumes and cosmetics…. and also my new beauty crush rahua. you find rahua as well at the departmentsstore, but not the travel size which is what i buy. if you read my post about cometics here, than you knwo why. breathe offers a really good range in organic beauty products. and they guide you through the jungle of organic cosmetics, with deep passion and immense knowledge. the tip for a new cleaning product i am going to try, came from them, more about that in another post.

rahua volume shampoo

there it is, my new favorite rahua voluminous shampoo, this is at my home, not the store.


breathe berlin perfume secret ceres at breathe berlin rahua at breathe berlin

breathe berlin breathe berlin

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