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if you are friends with me on facebook or have subscribed to me there, then you already know that I quite regularly check in at the “bücherbogen” in berlin, savignyplatz. mostly with comments like

in heaven!

or just a plain


if you love contemporary art, classical art, film, architecture, design, typography, berlin, fashion, sustainable design, urban and landscape architecture, interior design, furniture design, restaurant interiors, guerilla knitting, webfonts, web sites, designing forms and lamps, coffee-table books, the history of berlin etc etc etc and countless other subjects; and above all,  if you love books, than I would highly recommend a visit.

it is simply the best shop for this kind of book. so, no wonder that you see a lot of architects, designers and filmmakers here. the staff knows everything and they can order books for you that you did not even know existed.

buecherbogen inside books, books and books
buecherbogen – you can almost smell the books, can’t you?
buecherbogen, the arcs
buecherbogen – lot’s of books about berlin
buecherbogen – and light arc
buecherbogen books, books and more books in industrial shelfs

the bücherbogen has two more dependances at the stülerbau and in the nationalgalerie, but the one at savignyplatz is just my favorite

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buecherbogen outside
heaven’s gate(s)

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  1. Stephan

    wenn ich in Armut sterbe ist der Bücherbogen schuld!

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