cheese and red wine

raw milk cheese

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cheese got lately a bit of a bad press. lot’s of my friends turned vegetarian, vegan or the wanna be variation (I would never eat anything from animals, you murder you …oh, that tiny little cookie can’t be that bad) they love posting terrifying things about cheese and all milk products, and while I totally agree that milk is just not made for humans older than 2 years old, ans yoghurt and all its variations is the most overrated nutrition of the last years, I know as well that the body becomes tolerant to a bit of milk products. Cheese and butter is something different. especially the very fat and old cheese. anyways I don’t want to participate in that discussion and you will find lot’s of theories for all sides … I just love cheese, the taste from a very good raw milk cheese with a good french bread and red wine is something really great. my good friend mark shares that passion with me and invited me for a delicious dinner with cheese and red wine and delicious bread. that is a while ago, but when i saw the pictures i thought immediately .. ” i have to remind mark of that”

sorry for the bad picture quality, i forgot the camera and had to make them with my mobile phone!

raw milk cheese