Christmas Time


Christmas time is a time of the year when rituals become even more grounding and cozy as usual. While some people complain that this time of the year is exhausting and stressful, I love it. I love indulging myself in good food, the reflection of candles everywhere, the smell of apples, cinnamon and freshly baked cake.

It seems in every flat someone is baking a cake. The fairy tale would be perfect with snow. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we will have white Christmas, it is ridiculous warm right now, 12°C in Berlin. But who am I complaining about nice weather?

This time, of the Year brings some extra rituals I am loving:

There are the Christmas cookies from my friend Mark, the car racing on the Carrera Bahn and the Adventscafe from Nikolas. Nikolas is an amazing host and if easter party or Adventscafe it is always a great experience – lovely people, amazing food, relaxed atmosphere – tomorrow it is. As a Mitbringsel, I bought Nikolas a package of my favorite Marzipan.

As a Mitbringsel, I bought a package of my favorite Marzipan for Nikolas. Wald Marzipan is a small but famous Marzipan Shop here in berlin, the award-winning Marzipan is handmade and the best you will ever try. You will not go back to any other Marzipan. It used to be a family business, for three generations. Now the husband of one of the founder’s grandchild’s  took over, but it seems the quality is the same ( I tried today)

bratapfel christmas time christmas time christmas time bratapfel

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