Comfort Food „pasta cacio e pepe“

comfort food - pasta cacio e pepe

There are times when I need a special kind of food, comfort food. I am sure you are going to agree with me that some food has a more calming and comforting effect than other. When I am in need for comfort food, I cook almost always pasta. Well it turned out I am not alone:

Comfort food is food which provides a nostalgic or sentimental feeling to the consumer,and is often characterized by a high carbohydrate level and simple preparation.The nostalgia may be specific to either the individual or a specific culture. – wikipedia

So carbs are leading to happiness. Well, I don’t mind. The thing about comfort food is, if you overdo it, it’s not comforting anymore. 70% of the dishes bringing some comfort for me are pasta variations (I guess, the rest is dark chocolate).

Above you see my all time favourite „pasta cacio e pepe“. Actually, if I think it through, there is so much butter and Parmigiano in, I am not sure if it still counts as a carb dish. Only three ingredients – pasta, butter, Parmigiano, well and some pepper. The dish lives more from the way of preparation than some fancy ingredients. The cheese has to melt and cover the pasta in creamy salty goddess. This is definitely not a dish if you count some calories.

The same is true for my second favourite pasta dish pasta with garlic, Parmigiano, parsley and lemon juice, which is absolutely amazing in the summer time.

If I feel a bit nostalgic I like to get some Leberwurstbrote mit Gürkchen. Well, memories, my Grandma used to make these german style of sandwiches, when I visited her. A slice of dark bread, with Liverwurst and cornichons. And in a case of emergency, there is always chocolate.

If you will ever be my guest and I make pasta, you are on the safe side, I want you to feel at home. That is my way saying – I really like you.