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dinner for four


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if you have spinach salad with blanched pears, walnuts and blue cheese, pasta aglio e olio di lemone and delicious cookies as big as the plate, than you know you are having dinner with my friends meike und carla (visit carla’s blog or see more here or here). i mean honestly we had an appointement for pasta and than that! salad from spinach, pears, walnuts and blue cheese, better not to ask about the dressing … just yum yum … i will never, never ever cook for them, can only become a desaster :-). they are both just gorgous, lovely persons. it was an amazing evening and we had so much fun, in the end carla and jonathan hummed star wars melodies on the streets. and i found out what it means when your bins are left in the entrance hall. thank you girls and jonathan for a great evening!

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