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Handmade in Germany – The upcoming exhibition at Direktorenhaus is showing the latest products from 30 master craftsmen, innovative manufacturers and experimental designers. The show is a condensed collection of current German furniture, interiors, music instruments, tableware, and other products that showcases and explores the country’s uniquely qualitative design aesthetic. via @direktorenhaus

the invitation seemed to be too tempting to not go, even with a cold. innovations, materials, experimenting designers. the list of the sponsors and participants was (and still is) just stunning. and it might have been great, honestly I can hardly tell you, because it was so crowded that we not only had to wait to even come in, no you could hardly see anything. what i saw was beautiful… nothing really new as far is can tell. but really nice. i am having a bit of a soft spot for the things from peter schäfer and  I love the “rgb” work by carnovsky anyways, so was very much looking forward to see it in real, very close etc. but just couldn’t make it into the room. taking pictures was almost unpossible besides from details because it was soo full of people. sarah böttger’s with “juuri” and the paravents from andreas maier,really beautiful design pieces, e27 with their product “light drops“, always liked their lamp “pit out“.

but i couldn’t really find the “new” things, the big innovations. almost all of the products i have seen in the one or other design mag before … aaaah, that’s not true the guitars! I haven’t seen or heard from hirschmann guitars before, I am not a guitar player (don’t think my disturbing ukulele caterwaul counts) … but they are amazing, every detail is just beautiful.

handmade in germany at direktorenhaus // hirschmann guitar
handmade in germany at direktorenhaus // a sip of wine
handmade in germany at direktorenhaus // porcellain and flowers
handmade in germany at direktorenhaus // kitchen ware
globe installation
handmade in germany at direktorenhaus // globes
handmade in germany at direktorenhaus // globes
ringing bells
handmade in germany at direktorenhaus // ringing the bells
handmade in germany at direktorenhaus


Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau (Interior Architecture)

Mayer’sche Hofkunstanstalt   (artistic mosaic & stained glass)

Montblanc (Writing Instruments)

Fürstenberg (Porcelain)

Nymphenburg  (Porcelain)

Frank Leder (Fashion)

ClassiCon  (Furniture)

Tim Brauns – e27 (Product Design)

Pelikan (Writing Instruments)

Olaf Hajek (Illustration)

Atelier Berthold Hoffmann (Cast Iron)

Fiona Bennett  (Hatter)

Holon ID (Product Design)

Brunner  (Fireplaces)

Andreas Maier  (Paravent Painting)

Schramm Werkstätten (Beds)

Yasmine Benhadj-Djilali (Furniture)

Valentin Loellmann  (Furniture)

Sarah Böttger  (Product Design)

Gmund (Paper)

Dibbern  (Porcelain)

Hirschmann (Stringed Instruments)

Reuber Henning (Rugs)

Arne Petersen  (Ceramics)

Mühle  (Shaving Culture)

Tiziana Jill Beck (Illustration)

Columbus (Globes)

Peter Schäfer (Curtain Coaster)