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diy sofa cover from scratch

diy sofa cover

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i am having a bit of a rough time lately and when darkness seems to cover everything in your life you have to bring some light in. .. at least what i thought. now then, i thought the sofa! the sofa hast to go.. or change. the sofa is anyways a diy project, because it is made from 2 used bought recamieres by ikea which i re-arranged and put together with a (rather lot’s of) cable binders.

so i thought woolen burgundy has to go, white cotton hast to come! i made the whole thing this afternoon by scratch, rather it is a scratch not made by scratch. it is still not ready yet. felt dizzy and grumpy, so decided to stop and hold off on the last two cushions. will do that later or never. who knows.

but have a look, what do you think? spring can come, and lighter mood as well.

yeah, check out my antique singer sewing machine! :-)

sewing machine diy sofa cover diy sofa cover

diy sofa cover diy sofa cover diy sofa cover diy sofa cover