Don’t Replace it, Repair it – Sugru

How many times did you replace a fully working device or cable because the rubber was broken? I did many, many times and it always annoyed me, not only for money reasons, but because of the waste – the waste of material, time and resources.

Almost all my apple cords are broken, headphones hardly last longer than three month. for this reason i now don’t buy any apple headphones anymore. when i went to the apple store complaining about it i got a shrug and tips how to wrap cords with „loops“ to make them last, and the further information that the cable is anyways 5 years old. I kind of repaired the charging cable with duck tape. but because the cable is broken on a very bad place it doesn’t help very much and it looked ridiculously ugly and dirty.

When i got the do-lectures newsletter, as always i quickly browsed through it if there is anything interesting – and stopped when i saw them mentioning a new DIY kit – Sugru! Ordered! Immediately! it arrived just a few days later (i think three days) and my charing cable is brilliantly repaired. ok, i have to practice styling the next time a bit and used way to much because i did not trust the material, but honestly it’s just brilliant. it covers the broken area firmly, but its like rubber, not stiff.

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