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dove real beauty campagne

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don’t get me wrong I am not a fan of the dove beauty campagne. i am a fan of the basic idea of making sure that people like their self. and we all know that many, many women of every age don’t do that I do not exclude myself. too much of us don’t like our self.

but i don not blame advertising so much for that, if an advertising or campagne is bad or has a stupid message we tend to ignore it easily.  if you ask other women what makes their self esteem and how they see their self they tell you stories from their real life, not ad’s. they tell you how the other girls and boys laughed about them because they were different, how their parents influenced them, even with love what has lead to a disturbing self picture. blaming ad’s is just the easy way of getting rid of responsibility. ad’s are just the frosting on top.

if we (human beings) really want to change this, than we (human beings) have to stop to compete, be false, gossiping, blaming, laughing, comparing other people. we have to teach our kids that there are people from many colours out there ( and i do not mean only skin colour) and that we all can do what we dream of. we have to question our self every single time we talk about other people … even actors, dancers, neighbors … how many times have we said …”oh, this singer xy can’t sing” replace singer and sing with something else. why do we do that? this singer might have wanted to sing her/his whole life and it makes him/her happy. if we do not like that why not carry on listen to music we love and ignoring it? i don’t meant no critics anymore. but i really think we should question our motives from time to time.

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dove real beauty campagne

watch the men’s variation here.

what do you think? is it advertising what makes our self esteem so low? what can we do to make the world better? If you would describe yourself, would you have a similar experience to the women in the film?

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