easter – yet another opportunity

the racing bunny is a toy provided by german actor alexander hauff

soon is easter,  the celebration of the resurrection of jesus and this year it will take place on the 5th of april. yet another religious holiday. you may be religious or you may be non-religious, religious holidays are always a wonderful opportunity to get together with your family and friends. if like me, you are a non-believer you might even get to love the celebrations of other religions as well.christian christmas, jewish chanukkah and chinese moon festival are some of my favourite holidays – and easter. they all have lovely rituals and are celebrated with your loved ones. easter meant a lot of fun when i was a child, finding eggs and little gifts, colouring boiled eggs with my  grandma or decorating the flat with bunnies, eggs and branches. if one get’s grown up we start doing easter brunchs with friends or as soon as children enter the family, getting involved in their fun – buying gifts, hiding eggs.

I got very inspired by the easter party of nikolas feireiss last year. it was like a easter party for grown ups but with all the rituals we secretly miss. coming together, decorating, blowing eggs empty painting and colouring eggs. having sweets and later than scrambled eggs and sitting together with lot’s of laughter and showing off, exciting voices wanting attention for their newest egg decoration, laughter when something went wron, people who never paint enjoyed using all kind of materials to get in touch with their own creativity, it was fabulous. read the full article and all the pictures here.

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