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Espressobar Mommsenstrasse 4


Here as announced, the post about the Espresso Bar in Mommsenstrasse 4. I was really busy the days with  new business so couldn’t post as regular as I wanted.

My all-time favourite place in this Charlottenburg is the Cafe Savigny, but to have a favourite makes no sense if you don’t try the others as well, to make sure it is really your favourite. And yes, the Espresso Bar is a really lovely and delicious alternative, a very tiny place (inside only three tables) and outside four tables.

Anyways … there is a little French influence in the place which sounds so Italian in the first. as soon as you enter the place all the Italian from the name just disappears. lot’s of french products and the cakes and quiches look very french as well … but … then you see the coffee machine. no doubt, they know what they do.

Jonathan and I sacrificed ourselves for you ;-) and tried cakes, coffee and french lemonade so now I can tell you by experience it is delicious! The meringue I posted here, it reminds me of the Johannisbeerbaiser (Träubleskuchen) from South Germany (childhood memories), oh and the raspberry tart and the pizza/quiche were great as well. The french lemonade in grapefruit and lemon, and yes they can make coffee.

espressobar inside
espressobar inside
passionfruit tarte
{at least i think that is a passionfruit tarte, should have asked, but i know that is a rasperry tarte in the background}
lemonade – grapefruit is the best and lemon as well. mandarin, hmm i think i am not french enough
yes, there is nothing against a good old croissant in good quality .. I love them
lemonade – grapefruit is the tastes great and lemon as well. mandarin, hmm i think i am not french enough
yumyum … more to say?
beutiful selection of teas to buy, no idea how they taste, but the packkaging is just beautiful
one of three
Musician Jonathan Fischer and jordana schramm
I went with Jonathan to the espresso bar that day and made this photo from us, which I really love

Update: 2019 there is a new owner, but it still is the same place and the same cakes.


Mommsenstraße 4

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  1. Wie hübsch es dort aussieht … und die Kuchen … yummie

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