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you know you miss something when you start wanting the things you normally complain about. have you ever had this, a friend is going away who always drove you nuts by knowing always everything better? and now that he is away you are missing his “advice”? Or being in a country complaining about the bad food and than wanting it? when a friend had this meal in england i watched him in irritation eating a jacket potato with cheese, salad and baked beans…and now, because i miss england and the friends i made there … i even could have a jacket potato with baked beans, this one is made by the lovely ship shape cafe.


look what says to “esskultur”
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I am an Interior & People Photographer based in Berlin, London and Lugano. Basically, I just love creating cool stuff and calling it “work” and even better getting paid for it. I love being on the move, travelling through real world and dreams, browsing the web, and the streets.