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farm cafe

farm cafe

lately i spent a weekend in denmark and if i can make it, i always try to go to the farm cafe. i love the place. the location, the people the cake .. and yes, the coffee. i say this because of the facebook post of a friend of mine. she posted that in italy you can have ridiculous good coffee wherever you go. and i absolutely agree. but than someone else answered saying they would need that in denmark. and that made me think… may be the quality of the coffee itself in italy is without competition, but i had a few of the best coffees of my life in denmark and that was not about brewing temperature, coffee beans, arabica or robusta etc.

one was in klittmøller, 6 o’clock in the morning, we were traveling all night, totally exhausted and the guys from the fish store just opened and offered us black filtered coffee with milk and lot’s of sugar. guys, i tell you sitting in the cold in the van’s back, watching the sun arise over the north sea holding the hot coffee in the hands… there is no italian coffee in the world that could have been tasted better in that moment.

and after 2 weeks in a van at the north end of denmark, making kind of coffee on a camping cooker, we found the farm cafe … cake and coffee, not italian style, but hot and made with love and just the right thing for that kind of cake and waffles (i just can’t imagine waffles with ice cream and hot cherries with cappuccino). and since than, there was not one denmark trip without a visit to the farm cafe.

farm cafe

farm cafe farm cafe farm cafe farm cafe  farm cafe farm cafe farm cafe



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