Berlin Design

fashion week berlin 2015 – premium

The bread & butter is dead! but what does that mean for berlin as fashion metropolis? does it mean anything at all? it depends on who you ask. many of the people i spoke to said it is better. the bread & butter did start as a trade show for young independent labels and that was what it was good for. but than the bread & butter took itself to important and became too expensive for the same labels that made once the reputation of the bread & butter. others said, only the very commercial trade shows are left now and there is no chance for “crazy” brands. we will see.

let’s talk about the trade shows. first day i went to the premium which is called “the more established trade show” a lot of the brands one knows, are there to present their collection to the order people. it was the first day of the show and most of the people looked still very tired and stressed, i imagined them sewing and planning and building and travelling till late night. but the atmosphere was very good and excited. the focus seemed to be a lot on accessories – shoes, hats, beanies, bags – and i can tell you already, it was the same at the seek. lot’s of new ideas and materials and a lot of black and blue.

while most of the visitors were dressed in black, blue and brown …oh and jeans of course. the collections presented were in many colours and styles. one of my favorite brand “rabens saloner” was there and obviously aroused some interest, so there might be hope that i get their products soon here as well. the people were very interesting, so many different styles and looks.