Feminism in the modern world

Being a woman today and not being a feminist is very rare. Even though you live in a country where you can’t live the way you want, you probably dream of to do so.
But living in germany in the artist scene you kind of expect an open mind towards feminism. To be honest, I didn’t expect it to be a „thing“ anymore at all.

Well, was I wrong. Phew.

Last night I attended a party of some of my closer friends. Lot’s of musicians, photographers, men and women, gay and straight, age range very diverse as well.

Let me quote some of the things, representing their idea of feminism:

„If a woman wants to have big boops or big lips she should do that, that is feminism.“

„The women in Italy and Spain are feminists but they are feminine. Why can’t German and English women be feminists and feminine and attractive?“

„Elder women don’t have a younger man. But that has nothing to do with acceptance. The reason is that woman want successful men and younger men are usually not as successful.“

„Most women are looking for a wealthy man and want to marry money.“

„I mean look at Madonna – she is a feminist but loves doing her nails and having plastic surgery.“

„My father is a plastic surgeon – and most women want big boops for themselves.“

„Why do women who work have always to be so „biestig“ – (engl. nasty, bossy etc.)“

I guess, you get the idea. My point is if I have to explain the idea of feminism to those people in 2019 than we obviously didn’t make much progress at all.

And let’s not start talking money, interesting clip about the german art market (in German)

Photo by Autumn Goodman on Unsplash