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festival of lights – lanterns for giuseppe marcone

lanterns of respect

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Reading the headline, you might think about another festival of light in berlin. one more famous, bringing lot’s of tourists to berlin, hopefully generating lot’s of job’s, and i am pretty sure the city of berlin invests quite some money in it. if you happen to be here when it happens go, have a look.

but i am talking about another festival of lights. one that brings not only lights in the darkness, but in the hearts. when i walked past the erwin-barth-platz seeing these lanterns in the dark, filled my heart with happiness and peace. teenager were playing basketball while the handmade lanterns shined a light on their faces. it is touching! i did not know what it was about, but i knew it was something good, about humanity and love.

today when i was about to make the post and did some research about it i found out, that is exactly, what it is about: love, respect, peace, forgiveness.

may be you heard about the absolutely unnecessary dead of giuseppe marcone. his project “lichter des respects und des friedlichen miteinanders” (lights of respect and peaceful living together) will be there till 21. of march and i hope you make it. it is worth it, not only in the dark, the colourful handpainted lanterns show their spirit of respect at every time of the day. it is a sign against the darkness of violence and ignorance. they founded the project with the help of the people via (see it here) the project needed about €1.500. i wish it would have paid by the city of berlin, but it wasn’t. people like you paid for it, it is the people who pay for respect and love and a better together.

please spread the world, make that a lot of people see that and get to know the message of this wonderful project


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