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Fräulein Lietz Cafe Next to Lietzensee

Fraeulein Lietz

Living in Berlin, means having every day the possibility to go to another super cool, trendy Café, Restaurant or Bar. Well, I have neither the time nor the money. Further it is quite tiring all this trendiness. So if you know me a bit or follow me on social media you already know there are a few places I go regularly. 

How often it is that,while praising the new toys, we forget about the nearest and dearest. So here we go, my all time favorite is Café Savigny. I go there for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a wine, snacks or just a tea.

And then there is Fräulein Lietz.

Fräulein Lietz is around the Corner, it’s more a kiosk with a bakery and Café. Just a very few tables – 3 inside and I guess 4 outside. Most people come to pick up a coffee to go and a sandwich or a bulgur salad. Some people come straight after their running session in the Lietzensee Park, to pick up a snack. It is easy going, unpretentious and good, just the right thing to have around the corner.

I usually have a Cappuccino and a Laugenstange with butter. I like the cappuccino, not one of the third or fourth wave coffee things – no, cappuccino, hot, strong, malty.

Ask for the cheesecake or mandarin cake – homemade by Fräulein Lietz aka Elif.

Fräulein Lietz

Steifensandstr. 4
14057 Berlin
Opening hours

Mon-Fri: 06:00 – 18:30
Sat: 08:00 – 14:00
Sun: 08:00 – 16:00