Grand Hotel Palazzo Livorno

Grand Hotel Palazzo Livorno

In almost every City in the World is a luxurious Hotel and I love them, even travelling cheap or Backpacking I usually visit one.

In general, even as a backpacker, you get treated better than in most cheap Hotels. The Staff usually know that you could be anything (besides from being a human being with the right to being treated respectfully) – a famous film director, an actor on a sabbatical, or bill gates etc. They are experienced and it is their goal to make a great experience for their guests, even the temporary ones.

So I usually go in and have a tea or champagne. It was obvious that the Grand Hotel Palazzo Livorno isn’t that used to people just coming in and asking for the rooftop terrace to have a tea, but they were very friendly. The terrace itself is amazing. The view is breathtaking.

Grand Hotel Palazzo Livorno Grand Hotel Palazzo Livorno Grand Hotel Palazzo Livorno

Mobile snaps from the Grand Hotel Palazzo Livorno Rooftop Terrace:


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