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Grotto Bundi

Grotto Bundi, Mendrisio Ticino

Grotto Bundi is one of my go-to Grotti in the area around Lugano, where my family lives. They serve hearty food and welcoming service. The Grotto is beautifully located and has a large terrace.

For Lunchtime, I love the mixed cheese and sausage plates and add some Polenta (Piatti nostrani). All food is from the region and they do a really good polenta. Or something from the changing lunch menu, like the creamy Risotto allo zafferano.

As it is quite typical for Grotti in the area Grotto Bundi is open for Lunchtime and Dinner and is closed from 1:30 pm to 6 pm. Also typical for Grotti – closing quite early – around 8.30 pm.

For dinner, I recommend typical Ticino dishes like – Tracuncia (polenta gorgonzola salame).