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it was just lately, that i realized that I am surrounded by people being extremely creative in many ways. only when i started the inside series i realized that so many of my friends have a way more colourful life than i knew. and you can’t put them easily in a draw.

one of them is henning nockel. who when i met him first was (and still is) a great surfer, windsurfer and kite surfer. he writes for various magazins columns and happen to be also being very handsome, so he worked as a model and actor as well and to make it worse henning is an absolutely nice and easy going guy! but furthermore he is an amazing photographer. I love his pictures. they have a very special language and the way he uses light is fantastic. he travels most of the year around the world, so we couldn’t meet in person at the moment and made a “digital” interview instead, which you can read below the picture selection.

this is a small selection of his photographs so go and visit his webpage or like him on facebook on his brand new facebook page for more pictures!

Henning Nockel Photography
Henning Nockel Photography
Henning Nockel Photography
Henning Nockel Photography
Henning Nockel Photography
Henning Nockel Photography
Henning Nockel Photography



jordana: henning, what is your “business”:

henning: i am photographer, part time journalist and gypsy

jordana: i met you when you were a successful kitesurfer, surfer and windsurfer, but it seemed you are doing more photography now. how do you see yourself and your life now?

henning: my life is great im working as a freelance photographer and when i am off i surf, travel the world and plan new shootings

jordana: what means surfing to you?

henning: surfing is one part of my life, it means a lot to me, but not all. its one of the things that got me out there from the beginning, a good reason to travel and to see unknown places. it makes me feel alive

jordana: what does photography mean to you?

henning: the same, all the things in life that are important to me somehow link to the same goals. that what i am doing is helping me to be creativ in my own way. it realy doesnt matter at the end what it means to others. its in a way a very selfish but refreshing process…all the time and when ever i do it.

jordana: what do you capture most?

henning: i capture everything that is linked to mankind. human inspired photography….people in general up to fashionable lifestyle. all thoughts of moving environments, surf and nature.

jordana: which camera (-s) do you use?

henning: i use canons cause i understand them ( in general i don’t believe it is of great importance what u long as u really use it!)

jordana: what means light to you and when is “your” photography time of the day?

henning: i prefer early mornings and late hours ( in that order), since i like shooting outdoor when the sun is not killing everything. but it always depends what u want. u can get unreal results all day, u just have to find the right places where it is delivering i guess.

jordana: who would you love to photograph?

henning: number one for sure kate bush and then woody allen! but u know, it would have been great if i would have had the chance to take pictures of my father before he died when i was still young. the idea of having pictures of him the way only i saw him makes me sad and happy at the same time!

jordana: tell me a few words about your blog:

henning: u know i love writing, i constantly write columns and articles for magazines and for myself, but here its basically about pics that i take when i am cruising. on the beach on the road or somewhere in the jungle. not much more then that.

jordana: as a traveler aka surfer aka photographer how do you make your living?

henning: i take pictures of people who pay me well and the rest of the time i spend my money on things that i love

jordana: what tip would you give someone who starts surfing:

henning: today never start surfing cause somebody tells u to! and specially not because it is popular and cool, those things change in a sec.! it is not an easy road to understand the ocean, swell and the whole lifestyle, but if u are convinced u just go for it…it comes naturally when u believe in it…ur level and ur age don’t mean shit if u enjoy it!

jordana: …and what tip for photography?

henning: shoot as much as u can, get full on and deep in it, don’t care about the gear so much, start shooting with the first thing u can get ur hands on even when it is a fkn iphone. develop ur own taste but share with others if u like. believe at all times in ur instincts. there is no such thing like right or wrong as long as its unique or maybe not even that. when 10 people shoot in one direction go and shoot in the other….that’s the main thing look what happens around u! late at night look at the shots that u have taken and ask urself if u r happy with the way they came out. if not take more shots the next day…

jordana: what is the most important thing for you for a “good” picture?

henning: the most important thing is the one percent in a picture that seperates one picture from all the others. its something that u and nobody else can explain and i guess it dont need to be explained. it can be everyting but often u understand it is a good one when u are not able to reproduce what makes it real awsome.

jordana: what is the best when it comes to surfing?

henning: to be on the wave…just that..easy and simple! and by the way in “surfing” i dont realy believe in such a thing like “the best”. ownestly!

jordana: tell me who you think is the best german surfer / or someone we should have an eye on for the future:

henning: i cant tell!?

jordana: not many german surfers made it international (i don’t count marlon lipke here) what do you think why? the same for kite and windsurfing?

henning: there is a lot of german surfers who made it. in a way they made it really good, but not money wise or contest wise. and why should they, surfing is realy not about that. we are fortuned…we have mostly crapy waves and that keeps us excited for more!! thats a good thing! kiting there is one kid that is very successful in competitions a friend of mine that is, mario rodwald. a great kid for sure!! windsurfing there is klaas voget in the waves and of cause a guy that lives in spain, phillip köster

jordana: where are you from?

henning: kiel/ germany

jordana: where is your home?

henning: kiel and kapstadt/africa

jordana: where do you live now?

henning: kiel

jordana: you are travelling quite a bit, what do you like / dislike the most?

henning: i like when it gets tricky and uncontrolled in an adventure and when u finally return safe to something called home. its actually also the same feeling that i sometimes hate the most. i like the attitude: when u get in front of ur door, the adventure has already started.

jordana: your dream destination?

henning: i love afrika….almost all parts i have seen of it!! but then i like to see the places i havens seen. they say its great to be in antarctica! i guess i realy like places where i can be alone..

jordana: your biggest love?

henning: my family and good food

jordana: how would you describe yourself:

henning: i am an uncontrollable control freak. i like to do things 110%! i am never satisfied but i am a very happy person.

jordana: any book or music recommendations from you?

henning: i think it is very difficult and personal to recommend a book or a good song! but i love kate bush, bob dylan, slayer and so. book wise its in between hesse and murakami! there are so many really really good books, usually i don’t know what book i want but then the find me.

jordana: which is your favorite spot:


denmark, mentawais, indonesia and places here in capetown usally i prefer emptiness before quality


a place at the cape of good hope, called platboom. and haakgat


denmark fish factory


the great kalahari and afrika in general


i love kiel,germany..cause i am close to denmark ;)) and i have a great passport which makes me able to travel like a madman


if you want to find out more about henning nockel visit him here:

web | blog | facebook

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