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At Home in Berlin and Tokio – Verena Dauerer

verena dauerer

Verena is one of those cool people you meet and never really get what they do, because what they do is not something you can label easily. She is living in Berlin, but used to live in Tokio and is obviously very interested in Japanese culture.

Her flat is just a few meters distance to the geographical middle from Berlin, in an area not really known for cool tech journalists and creative travelers. She also has the most amazing view over Berlin to all four sides. I shared the elevator with a very small woman (slightly drunk) with a huge bulldog who told me some important key facts about her life, the smell of the dog was stuck to me for the rest of the day.

A very relaxed Verena offered me some green tea before we started talking. Everywhere were signs of Japanese culture.

If you wonder what a freelance tech journalist is doing and if her life is ruled by tech gadgets you should listen to our talk on the end of this article – it is in german.

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Verena Dauerer