homemade burger


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have you read my post about how to change the world // food, if not you can read it here.

as i said there i don’t mind a good burger, in fact, i quite like a burger from time to time. but if i have one, i rather have a good one than one of these card board like taste ones from the big chains. there are a few places in berlin, where you get a good one and you don’t have to pay 15.- euro like me lately. see here and here for my last good burger experiences. but this here one is a special one. my mum made it. and my mum is normally not a burger maker, or family cooking person. but there were some building work to do and that was kind of builders food, yes building, not decorating. so we joined. even that my mum, honestly was the only builder there and the burger chef as well. but i can tell you it was the best burger i have had in years.