James Swartz

This is James Swartz. A great Vedanta teacher. I was lucky to attend one of his workshops in Berlin together with Jonathan Fischer. And very happy to be allowed to make these photographs.

2 comments on “James Swartz

  1. That devilish looking old chap with a beard – named James I see – somehow looks like he might just know some very strange, recondite things… Ummnn… I wonder what he does in the world?

    Be well Jordana – you are such a Gala Lady! – – Here in Australia (at the edge of the known world!) you’ll, in time, help many of us to slowly learn about this thing called ‘style’ – Something so many of us here desperately need a learnin’!

    – – Oh to be in Berlin in Summer… laying on soft grass by the fountain in Viktoria-Luis Platz. What Paradise!”

    • Dear Elias,

      You made me smile and know we miss lying in the sun talking silly with you too. Love from Berlin

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