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Jan Seewald

Jan Seewald is one of the friends I meet randomly and always think we should meet more often. Charming and easy going, he also did provide me with a lot of interesting facts I didn’t know – not only about him. Have you ever thought about marketing strategies of actors of the 18th century? He wrote his thesis about.

I hadn’t really thought what kind of flat he would live in – but was positively surprised. Small, bright and with a very open and calm atmosphere.

Like my friend Mark, Jan didn’t accept the limitations of the flat but used them to his advantage. A very practical, even though not usual go-through kitchen shows his love for cooking and baking. The living room is room for living, working and meditating and nothing of the activities seems out of place. The room offers space not limitations of intended use. Because the flat opens to both sides with huge windows the rooms are filled with beautiful light.

While I made the pictures we talked a lot about music and especially the music from the 80ies – it was kind of an 80ies atmosphere all day. Jan quickly created a Spotify playlist of the songs we listened to that Sunday – listen here.

While we talked I discovered that we have our huge love (and worries) for the ocean in common. If you want to know more about Jan and what he think’s listen to the Interview on Soundcloud or here at the end of this article.

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And here is Jan’s Spotify Playlist for us: