Notepad Jealousy


@writemonkey @ommwriter @evernote @notepad_plus #irfanview
it is quite rare that i miss my wonderful asus laptop and its ugly windows platform, but i do. first i really miss notepad ++ and irfanview for mac. you know just practicable, not a posh app. just a doer. and now there is writemonkey, to be honest i don’t really know if i want it, because i can’t try it on my mac, but it looks so good. might have to persuade jonathan to install it ;-)… i am using omm writer what is (after lot’s of other tools i tried) still my absolute favorite. I sometimes like to use evernote for writing … but the formatting is quite strange if i copy and paste it somewhere else. and i definetly get distracted by all the notes i made and see, but if i write a rough post or concept draft, which i like to send via email or would like to have a reminder, perfect.

so after all i still always use ommwriter for concentrated writing, which years ago my friend fabian burns recommended to me.

but writemonkey looks very promising.


and this is how my beloved ommwriter looks like: