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Talk with filmmaker Jobst Knigge

Jobst Knigge

Time flies and I haven’t seen Jobst for quite a while, but when we met again on Friday it was like it was yesterday. I always liked his calm charm and humour. I remember watching one of his first documentaries „Jesus junge Garde“ and how excited he was. Also walking with him and his dog Willi through the Tiergarten.

We talked about, Berlin, filmmaking, why same-sex marriage matters for all and why Jobst would love to talk with Angela Merkel. (listen here or below, it’s in german)

Jobst Knigge


I am an Interior & People Photographer based in Berlin, London and Lugano. Basically, I just love creating cool stuff and calling it “work” and even better getting paid for it. I love being on the move, travelling through real world and dreams, browsing the web, and the streets.