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Keep Going from Colin Kennedy on Vimeo.

Keep Going is the continuation of Go All Day, last year’s collaboration between Gatorade and The Berrics { } Keep Going features professional skateboarder and Gatorade athlete Chaz Ortiz.
Shot on location in Crystal Lake, IL

Keep Going, behind the scenes

Watch Go All Day here

Production Company | Orson
Director | Colin Kennedy
Director of Photography | Marc Ritzema
Steadicam Operator | Will Eichler
1st AC | David Wightman
Producer | Dayla Kennedy
Editor | Colin Kennedy
Motion Control | Chris Toth for
Visual FX |
VFX Supervisor | John Myers
Score | Blue Foundation courtesy of DPC Records { }
Sound Mix | Michelle Garuik for Grind Music + Sound Inc. { }
Colorist | Michael Mintz for Margarita Mix Hollywood { }
Video Assist | Tim Armstrong
Production Assistant | Cody Madsen
EPK | Zach Driscoll
Production Stills | Yoon Sul

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